The internet

welcome to my website on the internet. This is my 9 Computer Science "internet" topic assesment.

what is the internet?


Browser - an aplication used to access the world wide web. Here are some examples I use chrome and firefox.

World Wide Web

The world wide connects to the internet and allows us to access different web sites. It allows documents to be connected to other documents through hyperlinks. The world wide web is much like the internet but is larger.

Web host

Wikipedia web hosting?

a web host is something that provides us with a web server. For example if the web server for gmail in singapore goes down that means we cannot access the website we are trying to get to.

Our tawa college website is loacated in the bay of plenty - taurunga. All the files for this website are stored on a webhost server


A modem is a small box which you can get your conection of wifi/the internet from.


at tawa college my network is made up of the following:

  • Novell client manager, which is the entry poiny
  • 2 large servers which share my H drive files
  • I have a unique user name + password to access
  • I need hardware to access the website, desktop computer
  • I need ethernet (blue cable) or wifi to access
  • A network allows for multiple users access
  • What I can do on the Tawa College network?

    1. I can access the world wide web
    2. I am able to share my work with my teachers
    3. I am able to access youtube to watch vidoes regaurding work
    4. I am able to accesss google docs
    5. I can access a number of websites to get information
    6. I can access my gmail
    7. Here is a video of basic networking